Keen to come to New Zealand? Study at Ntec!

Keen to come to New Zealand? Study at Ntec!

Are you interested in studying abroad? Come to New Zealand! It’s a country that is beautiful beyond belief and its schools are extremely friendly and provide high quality courses – such as Ntec Tertiary Group. Have you ever heard of it? No? Well, that’s a mistake we’ll gladly correct for you. There are many study programmes at Ntec such as accounting, business, engineering, informational technologies, health service management and communication. It is only up to you then to choose the one you’ll be passionate about.

The main Ntec Tertiary Group campus is located in Auckland but Ntec also has campuses in Christchurch, Tauranga, and Hawke’s bay. Each campus is located in the city centre and has very easy access to public transportation, libraries, shopping centres and food outlets, which means that all the comforts are always within reach.

Ntec institutes have a great reputation for being friendly, caring and welcoming, so you don’t have to be stressed about not knowing anyone, plus it also has multi-cultural staff with wide experience in international student education, so you’ll be in great hands all the time. Tutors, counsellors and support staff are always happy to mentor students and give them proper guidance to help them get the most of their study as well as to reach their full potential.

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The Ntec institutes:  Concordia Institute of Business, National Technology Institute, National Institute of Education, The College of Future Learning and National Engineering Institute provide excellent quality education and they are highly ranked by NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority).

Education for employment and enterprise!

At Ntec, we realise that students need good education to achieve a good career, so we do not just equip our students with professional skills but also assist them in integrating into the New Zealand work environment.

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What does it mean? National Technology Institute, for example, has the highest success rates for industry placement. What does it teach? Programmes of this Institute mostly provide specialisation in Software and Networking and Graduate Diploma in Information Technologies. They have two main specialisations: Internet Development and Digital Media and Mobile and Pervasive Technologies. Local IT students then have a great opportunity to gain industry certifications offered by leading global companies in the field, such as Microsoft, CompTIA or Cisco. Concordia Institute of Business provide a Diploma in Business Accounting Programme that is ACCA Accredited.  Ntec students completing this course, are fully exempted from F1 to F9 of the Fundamentals level of the ACCA qualification and will be on their way towards becoming an ACCA qualified accountant.

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Ntec Scholarship and benefits

Are you afraid that you may not be able to afford your study? No worries! Ntec offer scholarships to those with good academic grades and relevant work experience, which partially covert tuition fees.

Apart from all that, Ntec helps students to settle quickly in their new environment by providing the following benefits: free airport pick up, two weeks of accommodation for free and a notebook/netbook with free licensed software (for diploma programmes).

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The Career Centre at Ntec also provides a wide range of services for students including helping them search for part-time jobs, assisting them with writing effective CVs, teaching them proper techniques for successful job interviews and providing them with career advice and internships. Once students graduate, the career staff continues to work with them in order for them to gain a suitable employment in their chosen area of study, so you don’t have to be afraid that you will end up apple picking.


Address: Ntec Tower, 20 Hobson Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Phone : +64 (0) 9 555 5400

Email :,


Kiwi Education: Free of Charge

Ntec Tertiary Group cooperates with Kiwi Education which is a consulting agency recommended by the government organisation, Education New Zealand. This agency helps people from all over the world with their desire to come to New Zealand for immigration, study or travel and will be happy to assist you too.

All services of Kiwi Education are free of charge for students including assessing individual cases, further consulting and eventually also providing students with the right programs to fulfil their expectations and to achieve their goals. Searching for the best deals in New Zealand? Whether it is a language course or professional program at all educational institutions of the country are excellent.

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Having troubles with your visa? Cheer up! They know that the visa application process can be full of nuances and details, which are however very important for the success of the process. Kiwi Education can help you with them and you only pay them when your visa has already been approved. Kiwi Education officially represents Ntec Tertiary Group in New Zealand, respectively, acting on their behalf and at their prices or sometimes even with better proposals.

For further information visit the Ntec website There are, for example, very useful tips on how to take the best of student life in New Zealand. Still not convinced? Check out some pictures of New Zealand countryside and we guarantee – you’ll fall in love instantly!

Kiwi Education

Address: GF/238 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, New Zealand

Phone: + 64 9 302 3077



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What is Ntec Tertiary Group?

Ntec consists of five tertiary providers: Concordia Institute of Business (CIB), National Technology Institute (NTI), National Institute of Education (NIE), National Engineering Institute (NEI) and The College of Future Learning New Zealand (FutureCol). They have campuses all around New Zealand – in Auckland, Tauranga, Hawke's Bay and Christchurch.

Students are prepared for careers in Accounting, Business, Technology Management, Computing and Informational Technologies, Cookery, Hospitality, Health Services Management, Engineering, Communications and workplace training. Concordia’s English Academy offers a wide range of English language programmes including General, Business, Academic, IELTS and NZCEL (NZ Certificate in English Language).

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