Management Center Innsbruck: Interesting Study with Interesting Possibilities

Management Center Innsbruck: Interesting Study with Interesting Possibilities

One of the very best Austrian universities is currently offering e-learning courses and strong partnership programmes with more than 200 universities around the globe. There is also a unique joint degree program and if you’re staying in Innsbruck you can even meet a former chairman of European Commission!

Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) was founded in 1995 by the University of Innsbruck, which was founded in the second half of the 17th century. There are around three thousands students studying here at the moment.

MCI has over two hundred partnership programs with universities from all over the world (Czech universities have their representatives there in Charles University and in the University of Economics in Prague) and over the years it has been well-received on the market as it has been successfully building up an acknowledged brand (Austrian TOP University, FIBAA double Premium Seal, ECTS Label & Diploma Supplement by European Commission).

But it is not just studying here which can give you added value. It’s the people. You can meet a lot of interesting and inspirational people in the MCI as they appear here quite often. Romano Prodi, for example, who is a former Italian prime minister and the chairman of European Commission, talked to local students in April. Another special guest, Czech ex-president Václav Klaus has spent his time lecturing on MCI couple times, too.

MBA online? Why not!

MCI acts as an autonomous academic institution (independent from the University of Innsbruck’s study programs) offering fully accredited Bachelors’, Masters’ & Executive Masters' programs, short courses, individual trainings, applied research solutions and many other academic services. Their Bachelor and Master Degree programs do not just focus on topics related to business, management, law, tourism and social or health management affairs but they also focus on a broad range of technological fields such as biotechnology, environmental technology, industrial engineering or mechatronics.

Admission Requirements

Bachelor – online application dossier/curriculum vitae, aptitude tests, interview

Master – relevant Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification with additional tests; online application dossier/curriculum vitae, aptitude tests, interview

Apart from all that, MCI also offers the very first online MBA course in western Austria. School outlined this digitalization strategy several years ago and now it is following the plan. Rector Andreas Altmann explains: “Higher education too must not ignore the change that digitalization is bringing about. MCI has been able to gather exemplary e-learning know-how over the last few years. With the online MBA in International Business we have set an international bench mark.”

The International Business MBA in a blended learning format started at the Entrepreneurial School last autumn. Since then, students from all over the world have been taking advantage of the opportunity to complete a degree program based on innovative technologies taught fully in English. The Master’s program consists of ten topic-centered modules. The main focus is on the areas of global management, strategy, entrepreneurship and leadership and thanks to an intelligent mix of attendance modules, online modules and electronic media; such didactic concept differs significantly from any conventional distance learning programs. With its singular level of interactivity and practice-orientation it surely meets the highest standards in our increasingly digital world.

How does it work?

The MCI’s eCampus supports students with modern didactic formats including webcasts, videos, blogs, moderated chats, live streams and digital course materials. Teachers from all over the world, professional online support and interactive platforms ensure effective mentoring for motivated students and a successful outcome of their efforts. Studying at the MCI involves taking part in highly effective face-to-face sessions and an increasing number of online learning opportunities.

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MCI’s Blended Learning model combines on-campus sessions with online learning modules. It provides flexibility and individualised learning approaches whilst maintaining the outstanding quality of academic support and networking with peers and professors which are a hallmark of its success.

Vancouver, Bologna or Rotterdam?

As a special asset, from autumn 2016 a double degree option will be open to students in cooperation with the renowned Royal Roads University in Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to additional attendance and online modules at one of Canada’s leading universities, students are now able to earn an additional Master’s degree in Global Management. Susanne Herzog, head of MCI Executive Education, is pleased with such cooperation: “Royal Roads has specialized for years in blended learning programs and is one of the best universities in this area. The partnership offers extraordinary advantages to students of both schools.”

Besides this double degree program MCI now offers joint degree with the University of Bologna, the University of Oslo, and the Erasmus University Rotterdam which has now been officially introduced after a pilot phase of three years. Completion of this EU-supported program leads to a joint degree, which is a certificate signed and recognized by all of the four participating universities. Through its international concept the program meets the highest standards and thus offers an excellent qualification, which enables graduates to take on diverse tasks within the field of healthcare in Europe.

The European Union praised the innovative concept already at the beginning of this pilot phase three years ago, and consequently decided to support its implementation with 330.000 euros. “The European Master in Health Economics and Management (Eu-HEM) shows perfectly how internationalization of higher education works. This program combines technical knowledge in health economics and management with the soft skills that are a key-prerequisite for any international cooperation,” explained professor Siegfried Walch from the MCI.

Selection process

Admission to all MCI study programs is based on a selection process. Applications for admission must be submitted online accompanied by the necessary documents.

Tuition fees (with the exception of  executive education programs (MBA)): For the nationals of EU & EEA countries, tuition fees are currently EUR 363 per semester plus membership fee for the Austrian Students’ Union (ÖH).

Text: Nela Vejvodová

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